Automizely Traffic vs. Instagram Ads

Automizely Traffic is the best free alternative to Instagram Ads ad exchange app for your Shopify store.

  • Free high quality eCommerce traffic
  • Tráfico gratuito, intercambio de anuncios, retargeting, análisis de anuncios
  • Configuración en minutos. No se necesita ningún código.

🐵 What is ad exchange?

Multiply your sales. Put your products in front of millions of customers who want to shop what you are selling by displaying your products in other stores and other stores’ products in yours with free display advertising.

Automizely Traffic works well with these platforms

Does Automizely Traffic have better pricing than Instagram Ads?

Automizely Traffic is the best free ad exchange app for Shopify stores to drive quality traffic. Quick setup and no coding.


Get traffic with free ad exchange


  • Configuración con un clic
  • Free traffic with ad exchange
  • Customize ad campaigns
  • Ad partner network
  • Ad performance analytics
  • Ads management


Servicio de nivel empresarial


Todo completamente gratis, más:

  • ANS empresarial
  • Administrador de cuentas
  • Revisiones trimestrales de cuentas
  • Integración personalizada
  • Multi-users (10 seats included)

What features make Automizely Traffic better than Instagram Ads?

Automizely Traffic has everything you need to drive high-quality eCommerce traffic to your Shopify store.

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Configuración con un clic

With a click of a button setup and start displaying high-converting advertisements.

Free traffic with ad exchange

Drive free traffic. Display your products in other stores and other stores' products in yours.

Customize ad campaigns

Choose your store's top products to promote. Edit ad visuals, text, and start selling instantly.

Ad partner network

Join 10K stores to share traffic with each other by ad exchange.

Ad performance analytics

Track every impression and click. Analyze your ad campaigns' progress to sell more.

Dirija el tráfico a su tienda Shopify de forma gratuita